VIS-Check Service Automation

When you're in our shop, ask for a VIS-Check. It's your best protection against efficiency robbing undercarriage failures. It can be performed on any Class 3-8 truck, trailer, or bus, and includes analysis of brake, steering & suspension components.

VIS-Check helps improve fuel economy, reduces the risk of roadside breakdowns, and increases overall saftey.

The VIS-Check in our shop can perform a complete undercarriage diagnostic in about 20 minutes. Schedule an appointment with us today.

VIS-Check Benefits

  • Reduces Risk: Confirms brake, steering, and suspension performance
  • Lowers Fuel Cost: By detecting high rolling resistance conditions
  • Improves Driver Satisfaction: Identifies squeaks, rattles, and vibrations
  • Regulatory Compliance: Confirms brake performance to DOT specifications
  • Lowers Repair Cost: Identifies small repairs before they become costly breakdowns
  • Improves Safety: Detects low braking force and air system problems
  • Piece-of-Mind: Pinpoints undercarriage flaws before in-serice failures occur
  • A Smoother Ride: Identifies steering and suspension system shortcomings
  • Improves Brake Life: Detects damaged, dragging, or sticking brakes

VIS-Check Quickly Detects

Brakes Steering & Suspension Frame & Chassis Other
  • incorrect brake adjustment
  • compressor performance issues
  • air distribution problems
  • faulty slack adjusters
  • glazed or contaminated linings
  • drum out of round conditions
  • broken parking brake springs
  • unbalanced braking force
  • weak braking force
  • worn tie rod ends and king pins
  • spring pins, shackles & hangers
  • worn bushings
  • shock absorbers
  • loose U-bolts
  • air bag integrity
  • weight distribution
  • axle load balance
  • worn engine mounts
  • damaged cab mounts
  • detects high rolling resistance
  • finds loose wheel bearings
  • drive train problems
  • worn yokes / center bearings
  • loose exhaust mounts

The VIS-Check Report

Following a VIS-Check, your service technician will show you a report charting the condition of your vehicle's brake, steering, and suspension components. Correct deficiencies while your vehicle is in the shop. Schedule an appointment with Fleetmasters.